Mayerosch Offroadreifen
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Nexen Reifen

Over the last 50 years, NEXEN Tire has accumulated tech-nical know-how and technology as well as passion on the manufacturing Tire and are manufacturing and providing high quality tires for all kinds of automobiles over 120 countries in the world. Nexen are not going to be satisfied with this stage and are exerting continuous efforts to become one of the best global companies specialized in rubber products through expanding the scope of Nexen´s bus-iness to rubber related industry based on the accumulated know-how. Nexen Tires now recording the best profitability in the world among tire industry through corporate restructuring efforts over several years in the past, and yet Nexen is in the process of the 2nd corporate restructuring program in order to proceed and take off to the level of higher profit-ability structure for the 'Creation of Future Value'.   Nexen will keep on growing as a global company of the 21st century based on future oriented culturing of human resources talents, management by knowledge with information-oriented base and customer oriented technology. As we have been so far, NEXEN Tire will keep on contributing to more comfortable life of mankind as an always new company which pursues customer satisfaction capitalizing the asset of creativity that we have.